The Lady: Fatema bai Mulla Karim bhai Abadani

The lady who has lived her life. My grand mother, a lady who recited the Holy Quran most of the time during her old age days and was particular about it during her youth. She is the lady I have known to be most particular about taharat and namaaz. Once she told my wife that she never took her children in the morning before reciting at least 1/4th of a Sipara from the Quran. I have known her to complete the Quran 52 times more then I can remember.

Her will power, I cannot imagine how-to describe it accept that we have inherited a little part of it from her. It would not be a boast if she were to be describe as the iron-lady, the daughter of Gulam Husain Abadani, brother of my great grand father Mulla Abdul Husain Abadani. People of Mandvi, Kutch would indeed know the Abadanis well. She is the mother of 4 Children and an angel for us all.

What more could be said about her. The lady has 10 Grand children out of whom 4 are married and 5 great grand children all of whom have had the luck to get her duas and the warmth of her motherly lap. She is now in the most painful stage of her life. Being hospitalized since 10 days, as of today, her health is degrading day by day. Her body parts including the tongue has stopped responding but she hears and understands all that is said to her. Her brain has stopped working partly and we all cannot see the pain she is in. She has prayed for our prosperity and health throughout her life and now we pray for her peace and comfort.

May Allah bless her with the dua of Aqmoula (TUS) and ease her pain and suffering which we feel in our hearts.