Web Hosting for Jamaats

Six years with NextGen – mumineen.org Team surfing the WWW, writing articles, moderating a huge community like DBNet and publishing the web. It has been a long race and good horses are never tired. The same time I had spent with promoting my hosting business and developing internet solutions for people. As technology evolves and as we see shifts in paradigms we learn and get nurtured by experience in the school of life.

The year 1427 H was a turning point for mumineen.org we had a server melt down soon after Ashara and we started to think about aborting our unmanaged servers donated by Ali Dhoon to shared hosting. One of our team members suggested Dream Host and here we are. We have shifted most of our site to Dreamhost with a new site design in mind with more goody features and stuff for our visitors but the mailing list is really missed. Ezmlm is missed by all the mods and all are sure that mailman sucks to the very last bit.

Ezzi.Net has generously provided an opteron for mumineen.org and we are not quite sure what we are to do with it. Another server is an Athlon with a CPanel installation as promised by Ali Dhoon. This is a new server we are planing to provide jamaats hosting on.

I configured the server and created a single reseller with Bohra.net domain and created DNS entries through WHM. Unfortunately the DNS was broken and the IPs that AHP had given me were not for our use.

I talked to Dan for repairing the DNS but he didn’t. All he did was remove the wrong IPs and allot a few more for our use. Dan was not of much help with the DNS and the dnsstuff was also showing the errors. The next step was that I took the initiative to go through CPanel documents, blogs and forums to figure out what was wrong and finally fixed the DNS and completed the security tweaks that were needed for the server. We added 2 more domains for jamaats to use, jamaats.net and jamaats.info. Another domain was attalim.net which we intend to use for the madrasas. Finally I am through with the server set-up and the service was launched on Friday, 18 August 2006.

One thing pending is the Reverse DNS (PTR) record which I cannot figure out. Maybe someday I might be able to fix it.

Above all it was a good learning experience and I found many free SSH providers in the process which helps me hop my local proxy and use the SSH host as a proxy to surf the web. YG has written a how-to for that and I shall post it on the blog soon.

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