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Khadija – Birth to Chatti (al-Hamdolillah)

August 31, 2006

Name: Khadija Birth Place: Central Pvt. Hospital – Sharjah (UAE) Born at: 3:55 PM Weight at Birth: 3.1 KG Attending Doctor: Dr. Meenu Mathur

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The Baby is fine, Alhamdolillah

August 29, 2006

On Sunday, Maria and the baby were home at 7 PM everything being normal and good as expected by Dua of Moula (TUS), many thanks and shukr to Allah. Around mid-night I had to take her to Central Hospital as she was shivering and had turned blue. She also had a mild fever. A pediatric […]

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Its a Baby Girl

August 26, 2006

The vacations are over and the Madrasa has started regularly and days have started to pass by as usual. It is a joyful day for me and my family when daddy came to the Madrasa to inform me that Maria had given birth to a baby girl. At first I could not believe it could […]

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Web Hosting for Jamaats

August 18, 2006

Six years with NextGen – Team surfing the WWW, writing articles, moderating a huge community like DBNet and publishing the web. It has been a long race and good horses are never tired. The same time I had spent with promoting my hosting business and developing internet solutions for people. As technology evolves and […]

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