Politics Vs Policy

1. Politics has no rules, policy is a set of rules set forth for the political animal or the social animal to follow.
2. In Politics the powerful always gets to win, policy defines the winner’s right to power.
3. Politics has no reason for rules, policy defines reasons for rules.
4. Politics is dirty, policy cleans the dirt.
5. Politics has no feelings for human suffering, policy elevates human suffering.
6. Politics is a game for the wealthy, policy is its rule for the under-previledged.
7. Politics needs no education, policy is based on education.
8. Politics needs no experiance, policy is nurtured by experiance.
9. Politics is the science of greed, policy is the art of content.
10. Politics breeds on ego, policy survives on humbleness.

The list is endless and you may add to it if you wish. The comment section is open for more. I define politics as a tool to fullfil the immediate materialistic desire, while policy as siyasat elahiyah meant to nourish the soul and the human spirit and never to undermine its needs. Well said by Allama Iqbal “masjide marsya kh’wan reh gaye namazi na rahe; ya’ni woh sahebe awsaafe hijazi na rahe”