Poison is the sweetest of wine with your hands

Love and sacrifice go hand in hand. Love demands sacrifice time and again. The chain is never ending even if you have nothing to spare. It is only true love that withstands such tyranny and such harsh tests.

My love has always given me and blessed me with the happiness my soul can feel from deep within. It is for the sake of this eternal love that I willingly drink the poisons of envy, jealosy and small thought. I fruitfully swallow the soar words and continious slappings and moments of embarrasement as if the poison was sweet wine.

Time hits hard the most staunchest of all lovers and tries them with the most rigorous of all calamities but true love, as of mine, sees the lovely smile of the eternal beauty that the beholder has seen. None can see and feel what we feel. The power of love make us super-humans.

May Allah bless you, oh my love, with all the happiness and our lives and days lay sacrificed on you. Ameen