Ziyafat and the Day of counting the numerous blessings

We were counting days and hours and then minutes as we came closer to the great day. Suddenly I heard the call of “Bismillah” and my eyes looked at the glimmering and noorani face of what could be called living paradise on earth.

We had been working hours long for this day and had been at Saifee Mahal since Saturday night when we reached Mumbai. Although the Gulf Air flight was very much tiring and had exhausted us but once at the Qasr Mubarak of Moula just next to his resting room was so peaceful that we forgot how tired we were. The next 30 hours or so were quite a drill for the decoration of which I was a very minute part but the needle-lady did get her name listed among those who had gathered to buy of Yusuf (AS).

I did feel sad due to some reasons that I anticipated to have but could not. Lacking was in me and there is always a next time. I just cried when I felt to and as much as I could sitting just near the door of Maula’s Gurfah Mubaraka and voiced my wishes as I kept doing what I was supposed to. The tazyeen seemed to have a long way to go on Saturday night and the khidmat was more important, I reminded myslef, then asking my duas. One cannot stop the tears from rolling. Deprivity is not the word but I did gain something that I don’t know. The Alms I beg are maybe too much for a begger like me and that which I was given will feed me forever.

Why do the tears roll then. I fear that if death came upon me I would have missed something and therefore I asked to have recieved the pleasure and the honours of being in the Qadam mubarak of Moula (TUS).

A sinner I am but repentence is in my blood just as it is godly to forgive. My love for my Maula (TUS) makes my tears roll down as I remember the numerous bounties that he has bestowed on me. It has been a few months since I started to think of a ziyafat and the dua listened so soon. I could not believe myself. All my lasting araz done in a few moments. Araz of Mohammed, Maria and my father. Everything was so smooth as if I were alone in the ziyafat. Maula (TUS) asked if the Kitaabs I presented were hadiyah. Moula (TUS) emphasised on the Khidmat of the IT Committee as he said “IT Committee ni khidmat numaya che”. I have been blessed with so many barakaat that I could not comprehend. Shukr is the word on my lips.

A night before the ziyafat a miskeen of Maula’s karam and ehsan stood in the garden of saifee mahal praying to Allah and suddenly the light of Maula’s balcony lit. A few minutes later I saw Maula walking in the balcony. After a year this was the first glimpse of Maula and it was the first sign of my voice being heard.

Human’s err and human’s are so prone to make mistakes that it could be within the blink of an eye. A thought may come from the blues and imprision you. It is then when you are put to test. I do not know where I stand but the test was rigorous and the mark sheet, yet to come. The only thing I could say is that: Maula! Whatever be, my love for you is inborn and eternal. Hold my hands in the adverse of times and hold me in your hands when I am too tired to walk and go on in life.

The countless blessings that Maula bestows on us cannot be comprehended by a mere human mind full of worldly thoughts and is far from being known to the pen. May Allah Subhanahu bless our beloved Moula (TUS) with a long and healthy life. Ameen