Ziyafat of Shareqah Mumineen

Karam and ehsan are the two words that describe the grace of our beloved Maula (TUS). I was thinking about the Ziyafat from the very first day when Qusai Bs expressed his vision. It is quite a difficult thing to decide finding ourselves trapped in the materialistic world.

Finally, I made up my mind to go ahead for what I thought was somthing that I had long wished. Though I had hoped that Maula (TUS) would grace my home but then maybe this was the first step. I had been long thinking of what I would present in Maula’s hazrat because as far as I can understand myself I find my self null. I have nothing to offer to a great sultan of the world whose leadership extends over the souls of the universe. I have only 2 Kitaabs that could be presented though that too seems to less. I find myself in a state of irony as I think as what to do and how to prepare. My soul shivering with the very thought of standing before the eminent maqaam.

Thoughts come forward to ask Maula (TUS) for his nemat but the lip could not sound it and put in words. How could I ask of what I am not entitled to, nor can my sight rise to such unprecedented heights. The karam of Maula has always been a blanket on my sins and errors. infact the curtain of his kindness has made me more of a sinner as has his forgiving nature.

It has always been that Maula has covered my soul by his soothing nazaraat, that has kindled my spirit and kept me going.

May Allah bless our beloved Maula with a long life and may our generations reap their unprecedented barakaat and achieve such heights by his nazaraat. Ameen