Asbaq for the IT Committee of Sharjah

Allah Subhanahu has said in the Qur’an-e-Majid that “Allah will raise high in ranks those who have faith and those who are given Ilm.” To seek knowledge has always been compulsary on the Human race since its very existence but you will get what you seek is not obligatory. It is a bounty of Allah and cannot be forcefully achieved.

Dua and the enthusiasm with which one seeks the truth does play an important role in achieving the target. The above Ayat not only shows the importance of Ilm but also reflects that amal is based on Ilm and cannot be benifited from to the optimal level till you have the knowledge needed for it. It is only Ilm that uplifts man and nothing else, Eman being the base of it.

We had sought raza for two kitaabs that are very crucial especially when it comes to the life of khidmat. One is Authored by Syednal Qadi al-Noman and the other by Syedna Hatim (RA). My intent was to provide a booster to the committee members for their most important and many khidmat, might they rise and work harder to achieve the joy of Maula’s (TUS) qalb mubarak.

Getting raza for such lofty kitaabs was a bit hard as my friends and co-workers had never attended any asbaq before not even the basic kitaabs that build the foundation of our studies as we go on. I was afraid that we would not be the blessed once but the generosity of Syedna knows no limits nor has any boundaries for which our gratitude can never be enough.

There are always those who do not recognize the bounties of the lord and loose out. And there are those who receive it with much gratitude and humility these are the men who win the coin and are blesssed by Allah.

Yesterday night Janab Qusai BS handed to me the misaal for raza for the sabaqs and we started today. May Allah bless our Maula (TUS) for his azeem nemat and ehsan.