Talent and Trust

People do not trust you with the number of degrees and certificates you have rather they trust you with the level of experiance they have with you, the kind of personal aquintance or even from the feedback of the mass. Rarely people take their own decisions and mostly depend on the mass for a not so perfect of ‘who’ you are.

Personally I have seen my clients who trust me are people who know me persoanally rather then my company and rarely do people who do not know me personally tie-up in a deal with our company. Thats how everything works.

I am involved in many community projects locally and within wider areas but I find that even those who recommend my work from within my pears at a different level have little say over dependence on my type of work. They find it difficult to overcome the trust of their superiors that is rather built in their local charming boys though they lack far behind.

Another thing seen was that I have been a topper in Jamea in my class for years and have passed in Imteyaaz (Distinction) but that does not matter anymore. Nor does the hardwork and perspiration matter. What matters is a piece of paper which I may not have, although being having crossed the boundaries.

I have always wanted to impart what I received, as a matter of generosity from my master and not a result of my pace, but have never got the chance. To impart does not mean to show my abilities as these are gifted but is a matter of thanks giving to my master for his kind and generous deed. Wonder if my fate is so. Allah knows.

So well said by John Milton, “They also serve who stand and wait”. The point of service is not in standing, instead it lies in the patience and grace of the long wait. On the other hand the wait must involve the strain of the tiring stand.

Therefore I will always continue with my humble khidmat as long as it takes or until my legs fall apart and my breath cease to be in my company.