Asbaq of Shz Saheb Aliasger BS Kalimuddin DM

It is surely a karam of Aqamola (tus) and the Sa’adat of this Burhani era that Mumineen are now recieving the barakaat of Haqaa’eq asbaaq. There was a time when people used to take mannat of Hajj to even recieve the barakaat of tawil. Kitaabs such as Daaim were recited to ellite groups of Dawat during the zuhur. The Doat of Ale Mohammed (SA) have been told to “give or hold without any account”. Thus, this barakaat has spread beyonf boudaries. Young people who sought raza for the asbaaq from Shz Saheb were granted permission even though they had not recited tawil. There are categories of people. Some just attend because its a status issue for them, some are enthusiastic to learn but havent completed the prior stages of ilm. Some have been given raza for their long khidmat even though they lack far in knowledge. And there are people who have passed the stages of knowledge and reached to the level of haqa’eq gradually.

The results are quite simple. The categories resulting from the above mass are known by all but no one knows where he stands and so do I. These an be listed as
1. People who take it as a status issue just satisfy their ego and skip general asbaaq of zahir and tawil thinking that they are far beyond and higher for such knowledge. One who elevates himself above knowledge and khidmat is far lower in status.
2. There are people who have not attended Zahir but if they do have the ikhlas ilm reaches to them by the nazaraat of Moula (TUS) and these people should further seek knowledge.

3. There are those who have by some means recieved it as a blessing and will reep its benifits later on.
4. There are people who still have long way to go in achieving knowledge.

Knowledge is so wast an ocean that no one can ever drink to its last drop and such is the barakaat in the hearts of Awliya Kiraam. May Allah Subhanahu bless our beloved Moula (tus) a long life. Ameen