Madrasa Exams and the end of a Year

Today the exams of our madrasa started. Shk Husain Hafizji, Shk Huzaifa and M Aliager bhai have come for the Imtehan from India. I went early morning to pick-up Shk Huzaifa bhai from Dubai for the Writtens. The Papers were simple enough and I expect that the kids must have done good enough.

Its difficult to manage extreme conditions and if there are people like me, I am sure its more difficult to manage the situation. I am not much of a high goer but it does matter to some people who take it seriously. One cannot understand another person unless he is in that person’s shoes. It is very difficult for each person to understand the other person’s responsibilities and burdens unless you are in the same situation. At times I find myself trying to see a situation from the perspective of the other person but its way too difficult. So I should understand.

The orals also were fine and I find myself quite relaxed after a long week. Ego is something that man has brought with himself to this world and to cope with ones own ego is far more difficult then to deal with the ego of our contemporaries. I am quite proud of my kids of saniya, they did put in a lot of effort and were better then my expectations.