Reach Out For Your Dreams

Why are we afraid to chase our dreams… Why does one person find it difficult to set out and achieve that which they desire, while others can some how set out, without so much a care in the world. What makes some people achievers, while others remain simply dreamers.

Is it the difference in their internal makeup? Is it in the way they were raised? The environment they grew up in? When one studies the lives of “achievers” one thing becomes evident. What is it that tends to shine through in case after case?

In my opinion the most evident factor is that there simply isn’t a set pattern. These “super achievers”, if you will, come from all walks of life. These folks emerge from all social classes. Varying degrees of socioeconomic backgrounds. Some from affluent families, while others emerge from economically depressed areas, and all corners of the earth.

Some of these people are college educated, others are schooled through lessons that life has taught them; the school of hard knocks. Many from a combination of both. However, all understand that knowledge in any form is a constant thing to be acquired. Skills are constantly upgraded.

While each person has come face to face with giving up, they opted to befriended perseverance, and used it to their advantage. Somehow they’ve found a way to overcome the point at which one wants to give up, trudged ahead and reached a point of achievement.

Yet at this point most often they tend to move onto other areas of achievement. Not accepting the status quo. Choosing to move forward towards new goals, and things that stand in their path. Though they may come from vastly differing backgrounds, each has found within themselves their ability to turn dreams into reality.

When you read this it is my hope that you take from this the knowledge that you, are just as they are. You are in fact an achiever. Just like these people you will have adversity. You may have more then your fair share of shortcomings. You may experience what seems to be at the time an inordinate amount of failure in your life.

Even so, you are still an achiever. You have more greatness in you then you can ever know. I hope that you will choose to use the power of persistence to your benefit, as all those achievers before you have. In doing so I am certain you will accomplish much more than you can imagine you are capable of at this point in your life. Dare to dream, but even more importantly, dare to put action behinds your dreams…
Yours in success,


Malumaat @ Yahoogroups