People who can’t bare the sight of you land up doing their own laundry

There are people in this world who want to have all the skills of other people. We call such a person “Jack of all, king of none”. These people often look at society with mis-trust and want to have all the skills just to isolate themselves. Instead of trying to cope-up with the temperments of other people and adjust in the society and taking advantage of the skill-sets other people they try to manage it all. The result is that they loose out. They cannot focus on their own skills and leave their jobs incomplete. Just for the sake of competing with others and feed their insecurities these people neglect the best people available for the job.

Leaders can’t be from this category. Leaders are people who delegate their work. Delegation skills are the most important of all skills needed to be a leader or a head of the department. This skill requires you to tackle the most stubborn person for getting a job well-done. On the other hand if a leader tries to do everything by himself or tries to delegate the a job to a non-qualified person just to feed his insecurity, then it will end up in turmoil.

I was watching “Kittu Sab Janti Hai” a TV show on Sahara One which gives much insight in the above passage. The show is like this. The new boss Yuvraj seeks to be a perfectionist and for some reason tries to put down Kittu and hand over her work to someone else, the granddaughter of the defence minister. On the other hand he plays the same trick with Jogi a political reporter who has good reach and insider contacts that are badly needed for News channels. He replaces this guy for some personal reason maybe, with the son of the Finance Minister. Yuvraj thinks that his channel is in no need of such people as Yogi and Kittu and that the channel is not dependent on their skills.

I am not sure what the turn-out of the show would be but this attitude has already landed Yuvraj into trouble and embarrasment once and I am sure this is what happens in real life as well.

Imam Ahmd al-Mastur (AS) has said in epistoles of the brethren of purity – Ikhwanus Safa that we should “Seek the help and aid in every work or skill from the concerned people”.