Quote of the night – Politics

Man is by nature a political animal.

I write as I ponder. So well said by the master of the mightiest emperor and conqueror of the world, Aristotle. Alexender, the great was nurtured by the wonderful wisdom of Aristotle and learnt the lessons of life from him. He was the youngest and mightiest emperor of the world. From Macedonia and Rome to India and China, he led an army of th victorious and the bravest of all soldiers. Surely such a success must have required politics to flow in his blood and nerves.

What Aristotle said still holds true. Syedna al-Qadi Noman has written an entire chapter in Kitaab al-Himmah on how one should manage and control those who are under him. A man is the master of his family and will be questioned of how he educated and brought up his children and family. He will be questioned about how he governed their livelihood. Similarly every person is a governor in himself and will be questioned about his governance of his resources and his very own life. The responsibility increases as the status and the position of a person rises to kinghood or whatever level by which he has a say in other people’s lives. He needs to be political at birth. Infact his being ‘political’ makes him a ‘social animal’ a term used commanly today in civics.