The word "listen" contains the same letters as the word "silent"

The aquisition of Knowledge requires lots of patience and humbleness. We have often heard that the water flows from the high rised terrain to the lower lands as an example of ilm flowing from those of lofty means to the lower men like us. We have often heard that a fruit bearind branch is lowered in humbleness and these are anologies that well explain the behavior and the compasion of both the teacher and student.

We have always seen kids and even elders throw stone at the fruit bearing tree while it hangs its branches down and lowers itself in humbleness to part with its fruit. My teacher marhoom Shk Yusuf bhai Moayyadi (May Allah bless him with his rehmat and shafa’at of Daiz Zaman always used to portray a very natural example saying the the sky bends down on the earth with all its love and kindness and showers its bounty on it while the earth stands proundly and in its own ego centric way, its chest pulled high up, in ignorance.

It is very neccesary to keep not a silent mouth and tongue but a silent mind clear of astray thoughts to listen to the bliss of knowledge. That is why I think that both ‘listen’ and ‘silent’ have the same alphabets.

It is a season of Imtehan in Jamea and I have spent years listening at all classes in Jamea before I even learnt to speak a word. Maybe thats why I havent learnt to speak or have been thought numb. The library was my favourite spot of silence and that silence has filled me with the thrust and energy which keeps me going.

Those days are always remembered as of bounty and bliss, the happiness of picturizing the world with a different perspective everyday. The life and its blessings counted and accounted for each time a new point of knowledge popped up. I am so much in love with learning but have forgotten the art of silence as I speak. Or is it lost in the hush and fuss of life.

We all need to review on this side of life where we need to keep silence as we listen to our inner selves.