The Imtehan of Jamea Saifiyah

It has been a unique oportunity to take the Imtehan of Jamea for so many years. It was my luck and the blessing of Imam Husain (AS) and my Moula (TUS) that I know why I got the blessing of attending the revered institue of ilme Ale Mohammed (TUS). I see it as a bounty in itself.

The Imtehan is so unique that the Vice-Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University during his visit at Jamea in 1420 H was a witness to the unique event himself and a participant as well. A Scholar himself sat in the Shafahi Imtehan before Moula (TUS) who was in the Gurfah Mubarakah and proclaimed that this is the only examinations he has ever seen around the globe where the examiners themselves are also tested.

The rectors of Jamea Saifiyah, Omora al-Jamea, Shz Qasim BS Hakimuddin, Shz Abbas BS Fakhruddin, Shz Qaid Joher BS Izzuddin and Shz Mufaddal BS Saifuddin (DM) examine the students orally while Huzurala (TUS) himself presides over the event and overlooks the preceedings of the Shafahi Imtehan from the Gurfah Mubaraka (A Special room above from where the session is heard and visible.

The orals are held for the senior students from Year 7 to Year 11. At times Khidmat Guzaars from various departments of Dawat are also called by Huzurala (TUS) for the Imtehan. Certain Mumineen also get the oportunity to avail this barakat.

The written papers are also taken by many Khidmat Guzaars along with the students. Huzurala (TUS) has granted permission to for all Mumineen to partake in the Barakaat of Jamea by attending the Imtehan and also taking the papers. A special category for such Mumineen is created. These Mumineen are called Mustafideen.