The eminence of a Mumin – Riwayat of Abban.

The dignity of a Mumin.

Sadiq Imam once said to Abban: When one of you, Mumineen, pass away his two (guardian) Angels will accompany his soul to the heavens after his dafn (burial).

They will then plead Allah that we have returned to paradise with the soul of this Mumin after burying him. Henceforth, we intend to worship you in the heavens and pray to you. The nobility of the Mumin is such that Allah will tell the Angels that I need not your worship but you shall return to Earth and provide refuge and company to this Mumin from the fright and grief of the grave, bringing happiness to his heart.

The Imam then said: O Abban, this is the distinction of a Mumin. Such is his dignity and eminence.

All gratitude to Allah, and then for the Imam who showed us the importance of making a Mumin happy. Allah blesses those who keep a Mumin happy, and the sawab of pleasing the Panjatan, Imamuz Zaman and his Dai is surely in its multiples.

May Allah grant us the will to do deeds that would keep our Maula happy with us, and may He grant the bounty and blessing of Taqwa and vigilance to Mumineen.

Riwayat in Lisan al-Dawat

Translated from the Kalemaat of al-Dail Fatimi Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS).

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