Human Rights explained and upheld by the Fatemi culture.

The much talked about chapter in the modern world. Imam Ali Zainul Abideen is said to have shed great light on the subject and it was the earliest period of Islamic history. Islam is indeed a way of life that upholds human values and dignity. The Fatemiyeen have always upheld this law of Islam. The Imam Zainul Abideen (AS) has said to have spoken on various rights that are given to people during their lifetime. Infact during the roles that they have to play during their life time. It should be noted here that Imam Zainul Abidin (AS) is a person who has witnessed life in all its forms and seen clearly through its various perspectives. He was the witness to the historical tragedy of Karbala that brings tears and sorrow to the human eye even this day.

Below is an excerpt from the Imam’s (AS) words of great knowledge and guidance.

The right of the one who trains you through knowledge is that you should glorify him, and respect him. You should listen well to him, and be responsive, help him for yourself, in the quest for knowledge that you need, by freeing your mind for him, and presenting your understanding to him, and purifying your heart for him, and looking at him by means of abandoning leisures and diminishing lust. You should know that regarding what he teaches you, you are considered as his messenger to teach when you meet the ignorant ones. Therefore, it is binding upon you to render on his behalf properly, and not cheat in the fulfillment of his mission, and strive to deliver what you undertake.

The right of your disciple is that you should know that Allah established you over them through His grant of knowledge and your authority over His treasures of wisdom. If you conduct your authority properly and treat them just as Allah has treated you with his treasures, byy being a sympathetic counselor who respects his master in the affairs of the slaves, the steadfast good-doer who, when he sees one who is needy, takes some of the property that he has control over to give away. Then you will be matured. And will be hopeful and faithful. Otherwise you will be regarded as betraying Him, and will be unjust to His creation, and will expose yourself to Allah’s anger that will seize His Graces and Power from you.

The right of your leader in Salat (Namaaz) is that you should know that he has taken on the role of a mediator between you and Allah and has appeared in the presence of your Lord on your behalf. He speaks for you, but you do not speak for him; and he supplicates for you, but you do not supplicate for him; and he has beseeched for you and you do not beseech for him. And he has spared you the anxiety of standing before Allah and the question of interrogation for your prayer, but you do not spare him that. Should you perform the prayer imperfectly, he protects you and curtains it for you; and if he makes a mistake during the prayer, you shall not share the resposibility. That is why he is deemed superior over you. He protects you through himself, And he protects your prayer through his prayer. Therefore thank him for this.