Reflecting my thoughts.

Having studied at Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah in Surat I had mastered the Arabic language particularly the classical version. IB was an integral part of the Jamea syllabus. I wonder how I had topped in biology at IB in Jamea being a novice. It reminds me of the days of childhood when I used to dream becoming a doctor and taking up medicine as a profession.

Wonder that dream changed or did it not and turned into a reality. In a much junior class we were given an assignment on “The best Profession”. I remember and infact still have a copy of the eassy which had a basic level argument at that particular stage of mind proclaiming that “Teaching was the best profession”.

I did end up in teaching fianlly. I wonder where my dream of becoming a medical professional evaporated or did it take new shape.

At a later stage in Jamea one of the books of Syedna al-Qadi al-Noman – A journal of the revered Chief Justice of the Fatemi Empire – gave me an insight that I still remember. One of the Imams was given a book by his father being told that it was on the subject of medicine, a very noble subject and field of knowledge as refered by the father. The Imam sat down night long reading the book and reported the next day having found nothing related to medicine. The father replied that it was indeed so. It had the know-how off curing the illness of the spirit. The knowledge of that would quench the thirst of desprate souls in search for salvation.

Jamea Saifiyah did give me an insight in the knowledge of spiritual medicine, a small breafing though, and a long way to go. I am no preacher or an expert teacher but do have a little insight in to the ilm of Ale Mohammed. It may be limited but I do continue to expand my boundries. I may not be an expert that can consult any jack and joe but I keep learning.

After being into the practical world leaving the student life of Jamea behind since 5 years I can say I am still a student of the Fatemi philosophy and do need lots of improvement. There are people who wish for a perfect world and pray for it but it never happens. All that can happen is a perfect self. I do believe in that. It happens to many and for most when they have no more to live. The time is already over.

Writing about my thoughts that are yet vivid is a passion to me. Joining the Nextgen and was a good experiance and having known so many people it feels good to be loved and understood. The knowledge of classical Arabic and English made me pen about the subject I am a student of. At several occasions I do find blocks and at times the words just dont seem to end.

I still wonder how I ended up into this tech biz. Web Hosting was an idea that popped up early in the year 2002 and I did loose a lot of money and time innitially as this was not a serious thought but a learning proccess. I have covered most of the losses I made but the profits are not luring any more. I wonder if I should continue but then I do want to preserve the identity of EKHWAN. The name was popped up when I was trying to get a brand for my self. Ekhwan means Brothers. Innitially I was thinking of Ikhwanus Safa but then Ekhwan seemed right and I branded my cyber or net exsistence as Ekhwan. This was what Dai Abi Abdillah used to call the Mumineen of Kutamah, who were his followers. The Dai of Imam Mehdi to North Africa. Since then I having been logging my thoughts in words and print hoping that someday it might take up a role of perfection in action as well. The quest is still a long way to go. The medical doctor has yet to become and will remain a student till the last breath.

I wonder if we should ever stop writing or talking on our beliefs of perfection in fear of criticism over our contraversial actions. Does not our talk leap us a step forward towards the dream of the staunchest critic, a dreamer who wants to see a perfect world. If so then all priest and preachers should seek an alternate job.