# Leadership is like drinking – it’s not healthy to do it alone.

Leaders find people who can be interested in their project to help them build. They don’t try to convince people they are interested; they pull the interest already there.

The best leaders bring together the best people. The most effective politicians do not feel threatened by highly capable people; they surround themselves by the very people who could replace them.

Work with people. Make their dreams part of yours.

# If you want something, don’t give up. What separates the leaders from everybody else is that the leaders haven’t stopped moving closer to their goals.

Think of anyone you look up to as a leader. Persistence is a trait that marks every one, whether in politics, religion or family.

Keep chasing your dream, and before you know it, you will be a leader.

# Leaders take responsibility. Sure, it’s easy to take responsibility when things go right, but what about when Plan B flops?

Taking responsibility for the losses is much harder. This is the leadership test that most politicians and many CEOs that we call “leaders” fail to pass.

The good news is that you can pass the test. By taking responsibility, you can be a true leader. And in the long run, true leaders are respected for their integrity.

# It is not how many hours a day you work, but how much work you accomplish. It is not how much work you accomplish, but how successful that work is. It is not how successful that work is, but how much humanity benefits.

Leadership is about getting things done, not about looking busy. Whatever your goals, look for the most effective way to get them done, not the best committee structure for discussing them.