Ashura – The Eid of Lament in the Muslim World


Ashura – the eid of sorrows and lamentations, is the anniversary of the Martyrdom of Karbala, where the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) grand-son, Hussein (AS), was martyred along with 71 others.
The martyrs of Karbala were without water for 3 days when they were martyred.
Despite this, and the turmoil as their fellow Muslims and family members were martyred, they remained calm and at peace.
Indeed, they were at peace whilst their captives, who were not hungry, nor thirsty, nor losing those who they loved, looked troubled and ill at ease.
Throughout history, if we look at the way in which the Great Martyrs have died, whether it is Hussein (AS), Jesus or Joan of Arc, they have been at peace, despite the great tragedy that was happening to them.
Hussein (AS) spent his last hours praying for the Muslims that would follow him. Jesus prayed for forgiveness for those who had wronged him, whilst consoling those who knew that they were losing their leader. Similarly, Joan of Arc simply held a crucifix in her hand as she was burnt at stake.
The greatest question we must ask ourselves is how can such people be at peace during such difficult times? How can they undergo pain and suffering that we cannot even comprehend, yet remain strong and courageous?
More importantly, why can’t we be peaceful and strong, even when our problems and suffering is nothing compared to what they have endured?