Adads of Arabic Letters

Here is a list of the adads for the letters of the Arabic alphabet. So you can find out you own adad for your name. If you are not familiar with the Arabic script and do not know how to spell your name in Arabic, let me know and I’ll tell you how to spell it so that you can find your own adad too! The 21st imam, Imam Tayyib (A.S.) has the adad of 21. So remember, 21st imam-21 adad. Here’s the list:

alif 1 seen 60
be 2 ‘Aen 70
jeem 3 fe 80
daal 4 Saad 90
he 5 Khaf 100
waow 6 re 200
ze 7 sheen 300
Hae 8 te 400
Taoy 9 the 500
ye 10 Khe 600
kaf 20 Thaal 700
lam 30 Doaad 800
meem 40 Thaoy 900
noon 50 Ghen 1000

Coutesy: Zakir Haveliwala