A Debt is a stain on life.


Because the specia1 offer on “How to Own Your Paychec.k Again” ends tonight (see ad above), I thought I would share this quote from my happiness book with you

“Mone.y can’t buy happiness. Well, actually it can. On Skid Row, a little extra mone.y can make a big difference. Wealth and health share this in common: they don’t bring joy, but their absence can leave pure misery.”

In fact, studies show that the amount of mone.y we require for happiness is the amount to pay for the basic necessities without worrying that we will fall short. Above that level, mone.y can buy us comfort, convenience and other things, but not happiness.

Deb.t, on the other hand, can buy us complete misery, precisely because because we are falling short of what we need for basic necessities.

– So, get out of deb.t.

– Stay out of deb.t.

– Chase more mone.y if you wish, but to get there you should never sacrifice something that can bring happiness.