Critics are remembered

هوئي مــــدة كه “غالب” مر ككيا ثثر يـــاد آتـــا هسس

وه هر ايك بات ثثه كهنا كه يوطط هوتا تو كيا هوتا

I have heard people say that pessimism is a bad thing, infact I am always called a negative thinker and a person to be the first to critize and say what if that would happen and this would happen. The ifs and buts are always considered to be a bad thought and a bad say if someone puts them up the desk but like this verse suggest and like I always say the pessimist is an open minded person who views the cons while people only see the pros. Its vital to have a critic around you to caution you on every step you take. A few days back I had read that people ought to learn from whats pointed out rather than jump to conclusions. Not everybody discourages you or envy you. Be sure to look at the pessimists comment with caution and optimism. 🙂

BTW, I am sure like Ghalib I will also be remembered as the most staunchest critic around and you might miss my warning signals too.