“Just because everything is different, doesn’t mean anything has changed.”

Irene Porter’s words rang through for me recently. My type II diabetic father seems to be having very normal blood sugar levels recently…ever since his heart surgery.

What’s the connection? Less stress. It seems that stress increases our blood sugar. Long ago, our bodies were trained to react to threats like saber tooth tigers and such, so our muscles would tense and sugar would rush through our blood, preparing to run like a locomotive or fight like a bear.

We don’t need the stress or the high blood sugar to ward off modern threats like final exams, nosey neighbors, or tax bills, but we get them just the same. Yes, a lot has changed in the past several thousand years…but people remain remarkably unchanged.

As we go through the current technology revolution, remember that people are still people. They still need your warmth. They still need your smile. They still need your love.