If you were king or queen for just one day, what would you do? Seriously, what would you do? Would you feed the hungry? Would youcreate world peace? Would you outlaw cell phones ringing in thetheatre?

I have news for you. You are king (or queen).

If you want to feed the hungry, start right now. Set aside part of your budget to feed the hungry (Surely there are some things you are spending money on now that are less important to you than basic food is to some other people.

If you want to create world peace, you can make sure to always speak politely even to rude sales clerks, queue jumpers and that neighbor whose dog thinks your flower bed is an appetizer.

If you want to get rid of annoying things like cell phone rings, look at what you do in the presence of others that might annoy them. Then stop doing it.

You are king. You are queen. Create the world you want today.


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