Interesting Websites

Personality Disorder

There is a wealth of information online about the various personality disorders. Many of these resources have been developed and are maintained by others who also suffer from one of these disorders. Here we list a few recommended websites concerned with the Personality Disorders. For a more comprehensive resource, please view the Links section of our Personality Disorders Center

Malignant Self Love – Narcissism Re-Visited
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D.
The entry point to Dr. Vaknin’s eloquent set of websites concerning Narcissistic Personality Disorder

BPD Central
Randi Kreger
BPD Central is an outstanding, regularly-updated collection of resources for people who care about someone with borderline personality disorder. Resources include warning signs, how to take care of yourself if you’re in an abusive relationship, programs and therapies, feedback and more. A consistently reliable resource. – 2 Apr 1999 – KCB

Borderline Personality Disorder Sanctuary
This site has been updated and has a great deal of information. A resource for borderline, bipolar, and Attention Deficit Disorders, this site includes links, articles, information, and advice to people with these disorders. Also features a translator for their web site, as well as a nice search function. – 8 May 2000 – TMB

Self-Injury Page
Llama Central
This page comes out of the author’s own experience with self-mutilation. It contains frequently asked questions about self-injury, the bodies-under-siege mailing list, and a comprehensive review of treatment modalities by theoretical orientation. Information is presented in a very organized manner. – 30 Apr 1998 – JMG

NAMI/NYS offers practical support, education, and comfort to those who suffer or have family members suffering from neurobiologically based brain diseases. This site provides a tremendous amount of information on the coping, diagnosis, treatment, and advocacy of such diseases. The provided information is useful and up-to-date. – 15 Jun 1998 – KCB

Kathi Stringer
Here you’ll find Borderline Personality Disorder, regression, childhood development, gender dysphoria, dissociative identity disorders, a family album, and reactive attachment disorder resources and information. Cluttered homepage is improvement over previous version; the site is updated regularly. – 28 Apr 2000 – N BRP

Borderline and Beyond
Laura Paxton
This site is authored by a person with BPD who holds a Masters in Psychology. She gives a brief description of BPD on the site, along with online tests that can be used. She also gives advice and coping strategies for people with BPD. There are links to a forum as well as other mental health sites. She has a programme for sale, for helping people with BPD, assume a place in society in a more acceptable way. – 12 Nov 1999 – N BRP

Borderline Personality Disorder
Laura Dijksma
A former sufferer has a theory and would like your input for her research. The content is small, but it may be of interest to those of you who are looking for research on borderline personality disorder. – 6 Aug 1997 – DSC