Ashara Mubaraka 1425 H.

They came in hundreds of thousands, some having crossed oceans, some having traversed hundreds of miles; some coming to attend Ashara Mubaraka with Maula (TUS) for the first time and many more coming as they always have. And yet more came till the congregation swelled to 42,000. For nine days they listened enraptured to Maula’s (TUS) waaz mubarak and returned enriched and elevated. Such was the profundity of Maula’s (TUS) bayan mubarak. Once it was the benevolent father counseling his children, then the theologian waxing eloquent on the meanings of the Quran, sometime the poet resplendent with wit and wisdom, at other times the rector instructing on the tenets of shariat. One could see Maula (TUS) beseeching Imam uz Zamaan, listen to the eyewitness account of the heart-rending events of Kerbala, and feel the intensity with which Maula (TUS) interceded Allah on behalf of mumineen. Verily the legatee of 1400 years of Fatemi tradition and learning.