Nasihat Hadiyah by Aqa Moula (tus) to all mumineen.

On the Auspicious occasion of Zikra 1425h, Sydna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS bestowed upon mumineen, pearls of wisdom, as he most graciously stated:
“tamne khair ni wasiyat karine sikhaman dai ne silat karuu chhuu. tame ehne dilo na kaano si suni te mutabiq amal karine mara dil ne khush karjo, aa tamaru istima ane amal ye mara saath tamaru silat
Aqa Maula TUS then bestowed mumineen with a hadiya of the most glorious nasihats written by Sydna Taher Saifuddin RA:
“Allah Taala nu hamd tu karje”, and “Biradar tu Nasihat sun”,
This hadiya is so valuable that we are indeed blessed to hold it in our two hands; even more blessed is he who will now hold it in his heart.
These nasaeh are nourishment for the soul; it is thus mandatory on every mumin, muminah and farzand, to listen and digest it at every available opportunity, and do amal accordingly.
May Allah TA grant our Maula, Naseh Ameen, Sydena Mohammed Burhanuddin a long healthy and prosperous life till the day of Qiyamat. Aameen.
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