Islam spreads love and harmony.

Islam prohibits backbiting, gossiping, mockery and ridicule. These are the habits commonly found in everyone. Basically we all love a little bit of gossip and backbiting as it tends to hide our mistakes and fall backs.

Islam spreads a feeling of friendship among Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Therefore, it warns Muslims against whatever that may weaken this friendship and evoke enmity and hatred among them, such as:

1 Backbiting, which means to speak ill of your Muslim brother in his absence.

2. Spreading gossip or tale bearing, which means carrying what one person says to another with the intention of causing enmity between them.

3. Mockery and ridicule, which means mocking at other people. Allah has created all people alike A Muslim is not allowed to laugh at anyone for his color, poverty, origin, physical handicap or appearance.

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