Guru and Govind

Sant Kabir a very renowned personality, a poet and philosopher of India has said in his Doha that “Once I saw God and my Teacher both standing in front of me and wondered whom should I bow to??, It then appeared to me and I bowed to my teacher, pointing to the Lord I said; that if it were not for you I would have not known the creator for which I thank you.”

A teacher’s role is one of the most important in carving any human life and though many would deny it is indeed the most noble of all professions.

Why are teachers not respected in our society?? Is there any reply to that?? Why are the students to later grow up to be engineers and doctors or even head of states tend to stand tall on the heads of their teachers who are yet even better then parents that brought them to the world as a result of lust and sexual pleasures. Whereas the teacher uplifts a mans character and strengthens his soul preparing him to face the world with much courage and confidence. Yet further the teachers often is a ladder to the heavens and a pointer towards the Lord. I hope you agree with me.

I had formed a group for Moallimeen of our community and its just my little effort to give them the much needed importance as well as bringing them together. If you are a Moallim please join us:
Brotherhood Beyond Boundaries.

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