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March 30, 2005

Most of us walk around in denial much of our lives. There are things we know we should do, but we are too lazy. Or they would require us getting out of our comfort zone. Or they might commit us to do more than we want to do. Or we are not sure if we […]

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March 30, 2005

Remember how New York used to be a crime-ridden place where people feared to go out at night? Then, a few years ago, the authorities cracked down on crime. But what was amazing was the kind of crime they cracked down on: vandalism and littering. The result was greatly reduced violence. Why? Because a neglected […]

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March 28, 2005

Our society is built on codes of conduct, rules, laws and social norms. But at the base of that are simple values. That we need rules and laws to stick to those values is a sad commentary on our ability to live with integrity. Integrity means living the values we claim to hold dear. Integrity […]

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والذي أخرج المرعى فجعله غثاء احوى

March 26, 2005

The Holy Quran foretells about the Oil Allah Subhanahu Says: ” (Your Lord) who brought forth the pasturage, then turned it into a black gussa (floodwater).” Reading these verses, a person who knows geology will immediately perceive that this sentence is describing Oil. Of course, the important thing is that this information is provided in […]

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