The cost of trust….. cheaper than one might think

About a month back on my trip to Delhi I had this experience that makes me think over and over again. Trust…. how can it be so cheap while still being reliable. I had to visit a government office where they would not allow any gadgets to be carried by visitors, nor any bags. The security was tight and there was no place where I could keep my bag which had a tablet and off course my cell phone too. Going back to the hotel and returning would cost me a day in Delhi. A vegetable vendor selling some loose carrots, mangoes and cucumber, a girl about the age of 20 or so sitting on the pavement with her stock offered to keep my bag while I was in the office.

Naturally, I was reluctant to the offer and would never agree. The girl tried to convince me that she had kept costly cell phones and stuff for visitors on a daily basis and assured me that she would stay there even till 5 pm in the evening and wait for me to return and be there at the same spot the very next day.

Her clothes were shabby and she would not even make half of what I had in my bag in an entire month. As time went on and I kept thinking for a way out I saw a few people handing their luggage to her before proceeding to the office and on asking her what her charge would be she smiled and replied it would be a mere 20 rupees, she said. Further, she explained that I would loose more than a few hundreds if I handed my bag to someone else and they simply went off without waiting for me to return. The sales pitch was quite good and I fell for it but before that the young lady told me that I know you do not trust me but I will take double if you find your stuff intact with me. I had no choice and time was running. I left the bag trusting the lord to keep it safe.

A few hours later when I was back I found the girl welcoming me with the same enthusiastic smile on her face as if she was enjoying a good joke to find a person astonished by her sincerity. I had a plate of veggies from her and handed her a 100 rupee note. She charged me for the veggie plate and asked if she was eligible for the double. I was so happy that I wished she would have kept the hundred and accepted instantly, she took only 35 and with an air of dignity she exclaimed we charge only for what we work for. I was just happy she took whatever she wanted and had her royal sense unhurt as well.

It is the trust that keeps the world moving and not the price or the money behind it. Trust does not come with a price tag it is inbuilt and comes with a sense of dignity and self esteem. A lesson learned that day never to be forgotten.


Pulled towards the past

We humans have the tendency to go back into time and again with our eyes set back to the future. We always try to find out what went wrong instead of what happened right as we leap forward into a time that has probably always been still as we move. The ticking of the clock is never a a movement of time rather than the moving hands on the dial. The past that we try to leave behind pulls us towards it to rectify the mistakes we did but the best part of all would be to understand not the mistakes but the positive moves that we took regardless of the mistakes leading us to a better today and perhaps building a better foundation for the today of the future. Staying still doing nothing cannot stop us from moving into time but the choices that we make can better our pace and even change our course to a brighter destination.

That does not mean that the stage we are at in this very moment of time is not better. No matter what the circumstances and the situation the station at which each of us stands in this very moment of time is the best of its kind if we dare to understand. So do many trainers coach their trainees to live in the very moment of time but then at some extent or the other fall behind in showing that time.

Therefore it is basically each individuals task as to how he or she perceive the “moment” as and lives it to the fullest. I keep my thoughts and thinking open….

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Wake up call

Our struggle to put first things first can be characterized by the contrast between two powerful tools that direct us: The Clock and The Compass.

The Clock represents our commitments, appointments, schedules, goals, activities-what we do with and how we manage our time… The Compass represents our vision, values, principles, mission, conscience, direction-what we feel is important and how we lead our lives.

The struggle comes when we sense a gap between the clock and the compass-when what we do doesn’t contribute to what is most important in our lives.

For some of us, the pain of the gap is intense. We can’t seem to walk or talk. We feel trapped, controlled by other people or situations. We are always responding to crises. We’re constantly caught up in ‘the thick of thin things’ -putting out fires and never making time to do what we know would make a difference. We feel as though our lives are being lived for us.

For some of us, the pain is a vague discomfort. We just can’t get what we feel we should do, what we want to do and what we actually do all together. We are caught in dilemmas. We feel so guilty over what we’re not doing; we can’t enjoy what we do.

Some of us feel empty. We’ve defined happiness solely in terms of professional or financial achievement, and we find that our `success` did not bring us the satisfaction we thought it would. We’ve painstakingly climbed the ‘ladder of success’ rung by rung-the diploma, the late nights, and the promotions-only to discover as we reached the top rung that the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall. Absorbed in the ascent, we’ve left a trail of shattered relationships or missed moments of deep, rich living in the wake of the intense, over focused effort. In our race up the rungs, we simply did not take time to do what really mattered most.

Others of us feel disoriented or confused. We have no real sense of what ‘fist things’ are. We move one activity to another on automatic. Life is mechanical. Once in a while, we wonder if there is any meaning in our doing.

Some of us know we’re out of balance, but we don’t have confidence in other alternatives. Or we feel the cost of change is too high. Or we’re afraid to try. It’s easier to just live with the imbalance.

We may be brought to an awareness of this gap in a dramatic way. A loved one dies. Suddenly she’s gone and we see the stark reality of what could have been, but wasn’t, because we were too busy climbing ‘the ladder of success’ to cherish and nurture a deeply satisfying relationship.

We may find out our teenage son is on drugs. Pictures flood our minds-times we could have spent through the years, doing things together, sharing, building the relationship…..but didn’t because we were too busy earning a living, making the right connections, or simply the newspaper.

The company is downsizing and our jobs on the line. Or our doctor tells us we have just a few months to live. Or our marriage is threatened by divorce. Some crisis brings us to an awareness that what we’re doing with our time and what we feel is deeply important don’t match.

In the absence of such ‘wake-up calls’, many of us never really confront critical issues of life. Instead of looking our deep chronic causes, we look for quick-fix Band-Aids and aspirin to treat the acute pain. Fortified by temporary relief, we get busier and busier doing ‘good’ things and never even stop to ask ourselves if what we are doing really matters most.

Khuzema Hassanali
Dar es Salaam


Social Responsibility of Restaurants

The social responsibility or should I say a moral one of any commercial or non-commercial house providing food to anyone is to look at the aspects of health of those that they serve. Earning a profit is in no way a devilish act of any business but to undermine the the wellfare of the society and that of life for the soul purpose of making those extra dimes and pennies is in no way acceptable.
Al Farooj Fresh is a fast food franchise similar to the KFC in product and price. The main branch of this franchise was probably in Sharjah where I used to dine and love the food. It was less oily and served Arabic bread freshly baked in the oven.
The branch suddenly closed down and since then I still search for a place where those freshly baked arabic breads are served.
My latest visit to Al Farooj Fresh was at an outlet at the Emarat Petrol Station on Sharjah Beach. The order was my regular one but the food and the way it was served ruined my dinner.
There were only 2 plates they didn’t have any extra nor did they have any disposables. How do they expect someone to eat without proper plates. No spoons even.
The food extremely oily with so much skin and breadcrumbs dipped in oil that it would make anyone sick. The photo below shows the oily skin that we just had to throw away. What a waste of resources and bad for health approach.


I rest my case voting this as bad customer service.

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