Cleanliness is next to Godliness – #Yemen

Article in Yemeni newspaper: we are busy killing each other in the name of Islam while the Dawoodi Bohras clean our streets.

It has been proven today that our Yemeni brothers and sisters who belong to the Dawoodi Bohra community are more clean and tidy people of Yemen. And they have proven for all Yemenis that they are more patriotic towards Yemen than anyone else.

Sultan ul Bohra is also about to send 500 Doctors with necessary medical aid that is urgently needed right now in hospitals for the treatment of the injured victims of war.

His Holiness has also ordered his followers to clean up the city voluntarily.

A Thousand thanks to you ‘Oh Great Sultan’ –  You have proven the Hadith which says: “Indeed Deen is performing Good deeds”

Dawoodi Bohras Clean Yemen Streets

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The #Women in my #Life – Poem

Here I have, A lil’ something to say
about the women in my life, on this day

My every day starts and end with them by the way
from breakfast to dinner, and in every other way
i dont have to say it, mamma understand
and she never have anything false to pretend

A sister whose adoring can never be enough
without whose smile, the day’s start can be tough
she is who smiles, at even the smallest gift you give
without her at home, its the hardest day to live

A friend, who shares and care for you
even when you dont pay back the same too
all your secrets are safe with them
available everytime to talk to, from AM to PM

A partner, with whom you swear your whole life
stands with you always, no matter situation is how rife
put you first always, and be happy in it
thats something only she can do, its only her wit

We men can be all macho, and think we are prime
deep inside we all know, without them we have no rhyme…

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Dear Team India,

Please do not feel hurt, you have not let your country down. You tried but you failed, such things happen in sport & this cricket crazy country has realised that.

We don’t score 100/100 in our exams and even we make mistakes at our offices.

Dhoni you have been a gem for this nation, leading the team to such new heights & meeting the expectations of a frenzy country is not always easy.

You were considered to be a team which does not have blowing strength, you proved us wrong…

You were expected to defend the cup, you tried your best & we are happy about it…

You were expected to WIN everything, we realise it is not possible…

Victories & Defeats are part of this game & we are still PROUD of you. Keep Smiling :)


-An Indian

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An illusion of a connected world

Living in a world where the internet is growing at a rate of millions of words a minute and information on any subject or topic is simply available at a click of a button, the internet is simply a new way of life.
Websites like and some authentic channels on youtube are rich source of education to the younger generation.
In countries where people cannot afford good education the internet is a dream where the capitalists exploit the scarcity of this cheap resource for economical gains in the same way educational institutions turn into money making machines.
Let us be practical. The government of India for example is keen into creating eCities where everything has a huge price-tag attached to it. In the gulf the internet is much more costlier. In Pakistan the internet has high value because money has no value. Caps on bandwidths and speed limits are sometimes used to manipulate the market into churning the pockets of end users in these countries. Ban on portals and websites a very common practice by the regulatory bodies of the governments keen in growing their so called eCities. While there are people around the world that simply squat their time, money and efforts to educate people.
The illusion of a connected world is what we live in. This world eats up a chuck of our hard earned pennies with each chance of bite it gets.

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