Abu Dhabi International Airport

The Abu Dhabi International Airport has developed quite a bit since the last time I travelled here.
The place is clean and arrival was pretty smooth with the eGate in place. The information part still lacks behind and needs to be more clear.
The security check process was quite easy and simple on arrival.
The couch service to Dubai was hard to find and there was no one practically a available to guide the Notepassengers, while the waiting area did not exist and most people just stood in the heat waiting for their turn.
The accessibility of the Airport by Taxi is quite expensive and a few public buses are available but again hard to find.
The Diamond Lounge for MasterCard users is a hard to find place and is located before the immigration and security check points in the VIP Terminal. All that needs to be done is to first Check-in with the respective Airline, get the boarding pass and follow the sign board in the Main Terminal Building to the VIP Terminal Located on the ground floor. Upon entering the building you will be asked to provide your Lounge Pass along with the Passport and Boarding Pass and a security check it done. The Diamond Lounge personnel will once again check the above and admit you in the lounge and get your immigration done for you while you sit back, relax and unwind. At the time of boarding you will be taken to the boarding gate just in time for the flight. What a wonderful treat to begin the journey with.
So that’s a day’s experience of transit through the Abu Dhabi International Airport.
Hope to write a bit more as I journey to the US and back, Inshallah.

Note: To be able to arrive (enter the UAE) and depart one would need a valid Visa unless you have a passport that allows Visa free entry.

The Diamond Lounge or the VIP Terminal could not be used if you are traveling to the US on a direct flight from Abu Dhabi since the immigration clearance for the US is done in the Abu Dhabi itself before boarding the flight.

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Flying Etihad Economy to Abu Dhabi from Karachi

It’s surely not the very first time that I have traveled on Etihad but this time the 5AM EY222 flight on 5th July 2019 from Karachi to Abu Dhabi was somewhat a one taken after a long time on this route.

The Boarding was as usual not so good an experience at the Jinnah International where the queues are long, the check in counters are not enough and not to say that they start late as well. Same was the situation for the immigration clearance.

Had some time to unwind at the CIP Lounge and then headed to Gate 27 for boarding, which was pretty smooth.

My seat was a preferred Isle seat 14C. The A320 had rows of 3 x 3 seats, that do need change in upholstery. The seat was not much wide but had sensible amount of leg room and an adjustable head rest.

The temperature of Aircraft was chilled and blankets were provided which I never use anyways.

The crew was most welcoming and greeted everyone with a smile.

The economy cabin was packed as usual though the business class was no extraordinary looking at the short route and the price.

The snack provided onboard was okay with a chicken wrap and some sweet stuff which I did not have a chance to taste.

The eBox introduced by Etihad for onboard entertainment was just okay with me having to get a chance to watch the Indian TV Show Khichdi after a long time. Was much entertaining.

The Aircraft was too noisy during the entire trip, although the seats near the wings do have the sound issue but this was much more than normal.

We reached out destination half an hour earlier to the scheduled arrival, however, the landing was a bit jerky.

Over all Etihad would be rated as an Airline with not much of an upper class service except for the polite crew onboard.

The immigration was quick in Abu Dhabi as usual, thanks to the eGate facility.

So that’s it for the day, until I get a chance to write about another travel experience which I do intend to do in a short while.

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Safety for USB Charging Devices

Refrain from using free public USB charging ports as your data may be stolen.

Juice Jacking is a cyber attack, where malware is installed on to or data is copied from a device using a charging port that doubles as a data connection, typically over USB.

Avoid public USB based charging stations whenever possible.

Switch off your phone before plugging into public charging ports.

Disable the data transfer feature while connecting to public kiosks or other untrusted computer systems.

Always charge your mobile phone from your personal charger or power bank.

Make it a habit to charge your phone at your home, when you are not actively using it.

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Blogging to grow!

It has been some time since I have written anything. Work has taken over a lot of time, when it seems that most of the work I have been involving myself in, has been a total time waster. Having no choice but to face the reality I keep working towards the things that I would rather delegate and forget.

Today when my daughter suddenly came up with this, we are learning to write a blog in school, I suddenly remembered that she didn’t even know that her dad was a vetted blogger and a writer for many places online. Well at least that was the case a few years back.

Telling her that she had a most experienced tutor at home on this subject and could learn anything from blogger and WordPress to creating a custom self hosted blog with a fancy domain name from me. The Jargon suddenly took the toll and finally I had to give in to the pressure of beginner’s queries.

However, this did remind me that it has been quite some time since I had punched a few words of my own words into HIKMAH. I suddenly remembered that, hikmah has not just been a blog for me but it has been a note to pave way for my own growth which I have seemed to have lost track off just being involved in too much rut work.

Back to the learning process, where I am trying to polish and upgrade my speaking skills with several books and video presentations, especially those of Julian Treasure, I find that before I need to upgrade the speech there is a more profound need to enhance my skills of deliberate listening. Here is where all the acoustics stuff comes in and hence the blog post that I do intend to continue if time permits from the daily chores of life.

The best place to start of for anyone who is interested in the field of listening and speaking, and how acoustics plays an important role in learning entirely needs to follow some TedTalks of Julian Treasure as well as other speakers on the subject.

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