Dear Team India,

Please do not feel hurt, you have not let your country down. You tried but you failed, such things happen in sport & this cricket crazy country has realised that.

We don’t score 100/100 in our exams and even we make mistakes at our offices.

Dhoni you have been a gem for this nation, leading the team to such new heights & meeting the expectations of a frenzy country is not always easy.

You were considered to be a team which does not have blowing strength, you proved us wrong…

You were expected to defend the cup, you tried your best & we are happy about it…

You were expected to WIN everything, we realise it is not possible…

Victories & Defeats are part of this game & we are still PROUD of you. Keep Smiling :)


-An Indian

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An illusion of a connected world

Living in a world where the internet is growing at a rate of millions of words a minute and information on any subject or topic is simply available at a click of a button, the internet is simply a new way of life.
Websites like and some authentic channels on youtube are rich source of education to the younger generation.
In countries where people cannot afford good education the internet is a dream where the capitalists exploit the scarcity of this cheap resource for economical gains in the same way educational institutions turn into money making machines.
Let us be practical. The government of India for example is keen into creating eCities where everything has a huge pricetag attached to it. In the gulf the internet is much more costlier. In Pakistan the internet has high value because money has no value. Caps on bandwidths and speed limits are sometimes used to manipulate the market into churning the pockets of end users in these countries. Ban on portals and websites a very common practice by the regulatory bodies of the goverments keen in growing their so called eCities. While there are people around the world that simple squat their time, money and efforts to educate people.
The illusion of a connected world is what we live in. This world eats up a chuck of our hard earned pennies with each chance of bite it gets.

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Remembering #SyednaMohammedBurhanuddin RA

It’s another year without your presence..
The season of spring recollecting your fragrance..

An absence it is, but of some other kind;
You are way ahead, while we are left behind..

You live within us, so deeply inside;
That impossible it is for us to decide..

You are with us nearer so much more;
Or this farewell of yours is just for this worldly abode?

More than a year has now elapsed;
The jewels of your memory never left any gaps..

The presence of Aali Qadar T.U.S. gleams upon us,
Reminding of you, while enlightening our world..

May Maula Aali Qadar T.U.S. shine always amongst us;
Like the jewels, the stars and the sun above us
Till the world exists, with every dawn of the day
Your Zikar will remain, come what may..

Happy Birthday To our Beloved Hayyul Muqaddas Maula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin R.A.

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Freedom of Speech, not offend

Has anyone ever heard that Muslim Imams or Muslim group have gathered to burn the bible or hindu religious books? No.

But we have heard the opposite.

Have you ever heard Muslims drawing evil horrible cartoons of buddhist Buddha or hindu Shiva or sikh Guru Nanak? No. But you do hear the opposite.

Fact. Muslim faith has more tolerance and respect then all others put together.

In certain parts of Europe denying the holocaust is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE yet drawing evil cartoons and making a mockery of the prophets (as) of Allah is freedom of speech.


We are totally AGAINST freedom to offend and totally for freedom of speech.

If any student draws a horrible cartoon of their school head or any employee draws a nasty cartoon mocking their employer we know they won’t be honoured with gifts.

The fact is that there are many who HATE the growth of Islam and they hate the fact that WHY A MAN that lived over 1400 years ago has even today over a billion followers who have so much love and respect for their leader and master.

The media giants are once again busy fooling viewers. Instead they should be talking about curbing very offensive religious material.

We are AGAINST FREEDOM TO OFFEND and we are for freedom of truthful speech.

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