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Father Like Son – :: Hikmah @ Ekhwan.Com ::

Father Like Son

Mohammed has been showing oratory skills since long, even before he joined School and that what makes us proud of him. His first year at Madrasa and not exactly a debut on stage, but a first time event for him at our community hall.

As the Madrasa program went on with a good pace yesterday, the enactment on the 3 core topics of Salat, Lisan al-Dawat and Deeni Shi’ar (Islamic Culture) were just freshening, every bit of it. The Hall was jam packed with the audience as the little flexed their acting skills. Mohammed narrated the Bayan of Huzurala (TUS) on Topi, Rida and Libas al-Anwar during the interlude.

The caption from the bayan stressed on the pride that on should have in wearing a topi and being a Dawoodi Bohra.

Alhamdolillah, his brain is more faster then his tongue and his thoughts quicker then word. Bravo to Mohammed, and all I can say is that “Dad is proud of you my son”. May Allah bless him with the khidmat of Aqamaula (TUS) till his last breath.

Mohammed narrating bayan of Aqamaula (TUS)
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