The Baby is fine, Alhamdolillah

On Sunday, Maria and the baby were home at 7 PM everything being normal and good as expected by Dua of Moula (TUS), many thanks and shukr to Allah.

Around mid-night I had to take her to Central Hospital as she was shivering and had turned blue. She also had a mild fever. A pediatric was called and he diagnosed her of being dehydrated. We came back home with a few adol drops and had given her some water and top-milk. I checked her temperature in the morning and she was having 37.5. At 8 AM the doctor saw her again and said that she seemed fine with no symptoms to worry about nor any fever. Her reflexes were also good.

At around 6 PM the same day, Monday, we took her to the government hospital and she was taken in at the emergency and admitted to the Qasimiya Hospital. The doctor was quite young and took time to see her. She weighted 2750 gms tonight, which was around 8% less from birth as per the doctor’s calculations. He took some blood for blood culture and kept her under observation the whole night. The nurses and the medical staff at Qasimiya are very nice and cooperative. Maria had to stay back at the hospital. The next day we were told that she had a dehydration fever and that she was normal now but should be kept and eye on just to be sure.

The doctor dis-charged her at around 10 Pm upon insisting that the mother and child were not comfartable at the hospital and should leave if medical advice permitted so. Finally, we came home and now I feel a bit relaxed. Many thanks to my Moula (TUS) whom we kept remembering throughout these days.

The one thing I learned was that if its an emergency in Sharjah, then the Govt. Hospital should be approached just for the sake that they have doctors for all faculties round the clock and they take utmost care of the patient. The baby was kept at the hospital for more then 24 hours with excellent care and medical treatment and not a penny charged.

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